Their bangs slip more than their vision inside an uneven perimeter

Their bangs slip more than their vision inside an uneven perimeter

Giyu Tomioka ( ? ( ?? ) ? ( ?? ) ? ( ? ) ? ( ?? ) , Tomioka Giyu ? ) was a primary help reputation of Devil Slayer: Kimetsu zero Yaiba. He or she is a demon Slayer of Demon Slayer Corps and you can the current Drinking water Hashira ( ? ( ?? ) ? ( ??? ) , Mizu Bashira ? ) . [2]


Giyu was a taller young buck of a great muscular prominence and you will soft skin, that is always viewed putting on a significant and you will emotionless term. He’s got unruly black hair regarding rough lengths one sticks upwards in the tufts as much as their direct, that he wears tied up back in a low messy ponytail at the base of his neck. Their vision try evident and you can sparingly large, its irises an intense sapphire you to fades to help you a lighter bluish as well as their pupils a bluish-black, and therefore are presented by the narrow eyebrows.

Giyu wears a dark cyan-tinted version of the quality Demon Slayer uniform having buttoned light leg-wrapped kyahan and you can a pair of light zori with deep blue straps and tabi socks the underside as being the same cyan colour due to the fact his consistent. Over that it, Giyu wears an effective haori that is split on the middle toward one or two various other models: the right choice a powerful red, and kept one geometrically patterned with squares of green, orange, and you can purple. This type of haori was after indexed having belonged in order to their late older aunt, Tsutako Tomioka, along with his dry buddy Sabito. [3]

Through the his battle kod promocyjny guyspuy with Muzan Kibutsuji, the guy manages to lose their right sleeve. [4] Following fight, Giyu cuts their locks as a result of shoulder size, today using they sagging as opposed to fastened for the a great ponytail. [5]

Whenever you are Giyu is education significantly less than Sakonji Urokodaki, he used a reddish haori which may later on compensate his current one to and additionally black colored hidden-within the tattsuke-hakama trousers and his awesome current light leg-wrapped kyahan and pair of white zori that have navy blue bands. At exactly the same time, the guy including wears the brand new warding masks that will be signature in order to Sakonji’s students. For Giyu, it is a white fox cover up that have light blue attention.


Giyu usually wears a good stoic and unbothered expression on their face. He’s an arranged character and a powerful sense of fairness with no tolerance on the individuals who have no idea their own constraints and you will disposable their lifestyle. [6] Even after allowing Nezuko Kamado alive because of Tanjiro Kamado’s time and energy, the guy reveals zero doubt whenever killing most other demons possesses no admiration otherwise compassion with the them like any Devil Slayers. [7] Nevertheless, Giyu broken the latest Devil Slayer Corps’ code regarding make as he protected Nezuko throughout the Shinobu’s just be sure to destroy this lady. What this means is he cannot totally dislike demons while the more Hashira create, which will be prepared to create a difference having a demon from the allowing them to real time whenever they usually do not kill and you can eat people. This indicates that he’s alot more practical when controling demons as an alternative allowing their hatred cloud their reasoning.

Giyu appears to have an elaborate as to what someone else remember your and is surprised whenever Shinobu Kocho says he’s disliked by many. [8] Apart from that although not, the guy will not appear to be damage from the Shinobu’s other pokes, even ignoring the lady. Despite the fact that, he’s actually ount of the past along with her. He or she is a man out-of few terms and conditions and has problems getting anyone else, so the guy usually has themselves far away. [9] The guy also is out off their solution to tell Akaza you to definitely the guy hates speaking, and you can really wants to remain his term to himself, when he thinks names aren’t supposed to be mutual, specifically to demons.

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Congruence is the social similarities shared of the L2 student together with TL group
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