Means men that an intimate and you may/or sexual direction on men

Means men that an intimate and you may/or sexual direction on men

There are other identities for the range from femme, such as for example ‘lowest femme’, ‘higher femme’, and you may ‘tough femme’. You shouldn’t use these conditions on the anybody if you don’t learn they identify together.

And additionally a generic label to possess lesbian and you will homosexual sexuality – particular people identify themselves since the homosexual in lieu of lesbian. Specific non-binary someone also can select with this name.


Often indicated with regards to masculinity and you may femininity, gender is largely culturally determined which can be thought about intercourse tasked at the birth.

?Gender dysphoria

Familiar with define whenever men enjoy problems otherwise worry since the there’s a mismatch ranging from its gender assigned within birth and you will its intercourse identity.

This is exactly and the medical medical diagnosis for anyone who does not getting more comfortable with the newest gender they certainly were tasked at birth.

?Gender phrase

Exactly how one chooses to externally show its sex, inside the context regarding societal hopes of intercourse. Somebody who does not follow public expectations of intercourse may not, not, pick since trans.

?Sex title

A person’s inherent sense of their unique intercourse, if or not men, females or something like that more (discover low-binary less than), which could or may well not match the newest intercourse assigned at the birth.

?Gender reassignment

One other way off discussing somebody’s transition. To undergo sex reassignment means to undergo a global medical intervention, it may also suggest modifying labels, pronouns, putting on a costume in another way and you will staying in their notice-recognized intercourse.

Sex reassignment is actually a characteristic that’s included in the newest Equivalence Operate 2010, and is also subsequent interpreted about Equality Act 2010 approved password regarding behavior. It’s a phrase regarding far contention and that is one which Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Group feels would be examined.?

Sex Identification Certification Farmers dating service (GRC)

This enables trans people to be legally recognised in their confirmed sex also to be granted with a new delivery certificate. Never assume all trans people will get a good GRC and you currently have is more 18 to put on.

You certainly do not need an effective GRC to modify your sex markers at the job or perhaps to legally change your intercourse on the other files such as your passport.

?Gillick competence

A phrase used in medical legislation to decide whether or not a child (less than 16 yrs . old) could possibly say yes to their unique treatment, without needing parental consent otherwise education.

Grey (sexual and you will romantic)

Also known as gray-Good, this might be a keen umbrella term and therefore relates to those who sense interest from time to time, hardly, or merely not as much as certain standards. Individuals may also fool around with terminology particularly homosexual, bi, lesbian, straight and queer combined with grey to describe brand new direction out-of close or sexual appeal because they feel it.


Relates to a man that has an enchanting and you will/otherwise sexual positioning into people or even a female having an enchanting and you will/or sexual positioning to the men.


It is noticed a far more medical identity used to describe someone who has an enchanting and you can/otherwise intimate positioning into anybody of the identical gender. The phrase ‘gay’ has become significantly more generally made use of.


The fear otherwise hate of someone, considering bias or bad thinking, beliefs or views in the lesbian, gay otherwise bi somebody. Homophobic intimidation is targeted at people that are, otherwise who happen to be seen to get, lesbian, homosexual or bi.


An expression familiar with identify a person who possess the newest physical top features of both men and women otherwise whose biological features do not match societal presumptions on which constitutes person.

Stonewall works together with intersex teams to include its partners and you may stakeholders pointers and you may evidence throughout the aspects of disadvantage knowledgeable of the intersex individuals however, will not, after talks having members of the latest intersex community, are intersex issues as an element of its latest remit at that stage.

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