An excellent namespace conversion hook espace document by itself

An excellent namespace conversion hook espace document by itself

Consider a purchase order that has a namespace document represented in XML Schema, where the XML Schema bears a data-view:conversion process attribute licensing extraction of statements that include namespaceTransformation statements:

4. Using GRDDL that have valid XHTML

So you can accomodate the newest DTD-established sentence structure off XHTML[XHTML], and that precludes having fun with properties of overseas namespaces, i use as the a metadata character (cf. area seven.4.4.step three Meta tags profiles out of [HTML4]).

The general kind of including an excellent GRDDL denial in order to a legitimate XHTML document is via indicating the fresh GRDDL reputation about character characteristic of your direct ability, and sales while the value of the fresh rel trait away from good connect otherwise an excellent element whoever href trait well worth is an IRI source you to relates to an executable script otherwise system which is likely to transform the reason document into RDF. This method is suitable for usage with legitimate XHTML documents hence try constrained of the an XML DTD.

A good example Dublin Center META sales

For example, this document uses the fresh new events regarding [RFC2731], and it explicitly uses new GRDDL profile and links to a keen XSLT conversion so you can RDF/XML so you can signal the sales are a loyal rendition:

Multiple transformations within the XHTML

An enthusiastic XHTML file can get conform to loads of dialects at the same time and link to multiple GRDDL sales. not, given that href characteristic of one’s link and you can an effective facets accept only a single IRI source, numerous cases of these types of factors can be used to assert multiple links:

Rules to own GRDDL that have appropriate XHTML

Note that the base IRI of an element node in an XHTML document may be influenced by factors such as a base element[HTML4] Retrieval URIRFC3986, etc. See the Base IRI considerations appendix and test cases such as htmlbase1 for further clarification.

5. GRDDL to possess HTML Pages

XHTML comes with the reputation procedure so you’re able to link to the definition away from services as well as the set of courtroom philosophy for these attributes. Just as in namespace data, a profile document can also be efficiently end up being created playing with XHTML with stuck RDF comments and you will an effective GRDDL sales to recuperate the phrase terms that are relevant. Those terms may then be used in an enthusiastic XHTML document to express character-established meaning. While the talked about in using GRDDL which have valid XHTML, the fresh GRDDL reputation can be used with XHTML documents to put on GRDDL semantics more connect aspects where in actuality the worth of rel feature was conversion process . That it very powerful and versatile system integrates really with microformat profiles[MF-RDF-FAQ] hence overlay this new generally speaking semantically-terrible HTML markup.

Including an excellent GRDDL profileTransformation denial to a visibility file is a gaydar desktop lot for example adding an effective namespaceTransformation denial in order to an effective namespace file. To own a dialect defined by a valid XHTML profile data files, incorporate reputation=”” to your head function and come up with an association away from form of profileTransformation to your transformation of your own dialect.

  • a reports financing PDOC , identified by an IRI PNAME has actually a good GRDDL impact that includes a multiple whose
  • topic are PDOC , whose
  • predicate is the property < and whose
  • target try Tx ,

6. GRDDL Changes

As noted above, each GRDDL transformation specifies a transformation property, a function from XPath document nodes to RDF graphs. This function need not be total; it may have a domain smaller than all XML document nodes. For example, use of xsl:message with terminate="yes" may be used to signal that the input is outside the domain of the transformation.

Designers out-of transformations should make available representations when you look at the generally-offered platforms. XSLT adaptation 1[XSLT1] 's the structure most widely backed by GRDDL-aware agents during this composing, even in the event in the event XSLT2[XSLT2] deployment was growing. Whenever you are theoretically Javascript, C, or virtually any most other programming language may be used to show changes getting GRDDL, XSLT are specifically made to share with you XML to XML changes and you can has many an effective defense qualities; XQuery provides equivalent qualities so you're able to XSLT, although the means to access XQuery within the GRDDL implementation try faster commonly implemented at the time of it composing.

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